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A Colorful Workshop: Gelli Printing with Carolyn Dube

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All videos are now downloadable!

A Colorful Workshop: Gelli Printing with Carolyn DubeThe Gelli Plate is a tool that encourages play. No pressure, just play.  That is why I love it so much!  I’ll be guiding you step-by-step as you create amazing papers loaded with layers of color and design.  People who don’t know about the Gelli Plate can’t imagine how the layers were made. But you will learn exactly how it is done!  This workshop is loaded with techniques for both newbies and veterans of the Gelli Plate.


A Colorful Workshop: Gelli Printing with Carolyn Dube


Prints can be just one layer or have layer after layer building up the pattern and color to create 1-of-a-kind papers!   I will share the why’s and how’s as I print my papers so you can make your prints with confidence!





A Colorful Workshop: Gelli Printing with Carolyn Dube


You’re  looking right over my shoulder as I make my Gelli prints.  You’ll see it all- including my oops and how I handle them.  I’m also here to answer any questions you might have along the way.




A Colorful Workshop: Gelli Printing with Carolyn DubeJust some of what you will learn in this workshop:

  • how to get layers of color in just one single pull from the Gelli Plate
  • how to use homemade and purchased stencils
  • how to get texture on the Gelli Plate with found objects
  • how color theory applies to the Gelli printing (the polite way of saying how to avoid mud)
  • how to get subtle or bold effects when you want where you want
  • how to use more than just paint on the Gelli Plate
  • how to use rubber stamps on the Gelli Plate
  • building a composition using layers on the Gelli Plate
  • painting on the Gelli Plate
  • how to deal with the ugly prints
  • how to use the prints in a variety of mixed media projects
  • how to combine multiple techniques in one print
  • how to be free and experience all the joy in playing with the Gelli Plate!

Just added- bonus lesson on turning Gelli prints into any size gift wrap!


A Colorful Workshop: Gelli Printing with Carolyn Dube


I’ll also share mixed media projects you can do with your Gelli prints. There is no limit to how you can use these papers!  Not only will you be getting technique videos you will also see how I use these papers in my artwork.





A Colorful Workshop: Gelli Printing with Carolyn Dube

Once you are in the class you will have access to the entire class so you can work at your own pace!  7 hours of video!

All videos are downloadable!

The class is hosted over at on a private blog that you will have access to forever!

There is a secret Facebook to share with and get to know fellow Gelli printing classmates too!


A Colorful Workshop: Gelli Printing with Carolyn Dube


This is a video based class so you will need a computer and basic computer skills.  High speed internet access is highly recommended.  Videos are hosted at Vimeo.


What’s it like to take a workshop with me? Here’s what people in the workshop are saying:A Colorful Workshop: Gelli Printing with Carolyn DubeAlthough I am anxious for Stencil Play, I purchased your Gelli Plate workshop also. I must say that I am so very impressed…I have purchased a few other on line classes and we know there are a lot of videos out there to watch as well and though I am grateful for all of that yours is the one that seems to inspire me most. It’s evident with your past and now you have a “gift” to teach. Anyone can make a video but it takes a gift to keep your audience captivated and to be able to really inspire one to believe in themselves. I have been pacing myself with this workshop just so it lasts… Love what you do and appreciate it as well!!!Thank you! Terri DoneyThanks for a great lesson on mud. Really helped me a lot. :0)- CathyThis class has been fantastic! You explain things clearly in a fun and energizing way.- Dawn

Carolyn, I really hope you create more online classes! I love your teaching style. You have a clear, concise, way of delivery. I feel encouraged to experiment with each new lesson. Today, I was really grateful that you showed us how to handle the messes as I’ve quite a few of them.- Ellen

These are the basic supplies.

  • Gelli Plate  (Any size will work- I use the 8×10 and the 12×14)
  • soft rubber brayer (I use the 6 inch size)
  • Acrylic paint (any brand- the one I use most frequently with the Gelli Plate is Amsterdam
  • Paper (I use old scrapbooking paper, pages from books, deli paper, shipping tags, tissue paper, white card stock. Any paper within my reach is fair game in the studio)

Optional supplies

  • Catalyst blade tools  (My favorites are the size 15mm for # 1 or 6 or 5 and size 50mm #5 and every one of them works well on the Gelli Plate.)
  • stencils– any will work!
  • artist tape
  • Foam meat trays (The kind that your chicken or beef come in at the grocery store. Save these- you’ll be amazed at what they can do with a Gelli Plate!)
  • Spray inks (I use Dylusions)
  • Rubber stamps
  • Stuff from around the house such as a crocheted doily, corrugated cardboard, leaves, anything with a texture or shape that you like.

8 thoughts on “Gelli Printing

  1. veronik

    I live in Mexico…those spray inks you mentioned are not available…no spray inks are. Can I make something similar.


    1. Carolyn Post author

      I would think you can! I have mixed up spray inks using liquid watercolors with some water and also used reinker drops mixed with water to make spray inks. And I played with really watered down acrylic paint in a sprayer (this one tends to clog the spray bottle over time- but that was because I probably didn’t water it down enough). Would any of these work for you?

  2. Sheila Lundquist

    Carolyn, I signed up for the Gelli workshop, but since I was out of town on the first, I am now clueless and don’t know where to go to see the video, or where to go to see the online class. Help! Thanks

  3. Christy Hartman

    I purchased your Gelli Printing Classes a number of years ago when they first came out and have been trying to re-watch them but have been unable to watch anything except the first week and a later lesson. Can you help me as I would love to be able to watch them again.

    Thank you


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